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  • Flagstaff, AZ
  • Columbia, MO




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Nope you can run, walk, crawl or roll, just stay away from the Zombies.

The Living: An extremely white t-shirt and other fun Zombie goodies.

The Dead: An extremely cool Zombie shirt and other fun Zombie Goodies.

We will dash rain or shine as long as it’s safe to be outside. ( If there is lightening we will simply delay until it passes)



Check your location Zombies page for specific check-in and pick-up times.

Well for starters, you can wear the awesome white Color Dash T-shirt that we include in your registration. Other than that we would say as much white as you can! Just remember that whatever you wear will be COLORED! Also, be creative!! We will have a costume contest so dress up, dress crazy, and have fun…but most importantly wear that smile of yours! Oh and we will be doing a Thriller Dance so you should really learn that.

Our Color Finale AND Thriller dance! There is usually some great food benefiting the local charity so stick around for that too.

Nope – this is a fun run. So you can even walk it if you want!

No – sorry. But you can transfer your entry to anyone you’d like. Just get ahold of us via our Contact page.

Just your average Colorful Zombie blood!! (Just kidding, it’s a flour based paint)

Yep! They can even hang out before as we usually have live music available during Check in!

Our race photographers are totally fine snapping shots from a medium distance. If you want to get pictures on the course we suggest covering your phones or cameras with a baggie or sealed case. At some locations we will have professional photographers taking color portraits and fun photo booths for a small fee. Just remember that This is an obstacle course with Zombies chasing you so phones and cameras are at a very high risk to get broken.

Sadly it is not, however the photos you take will be! So smile big and let the Color Move You.

Each Zombies 5k will team up with a different Charity or Organization to help brighten up your local community!



Frequently Asked Questions

Zombies by ColorDash is coming to an area near you with a hurricane of color that will even turn your tears of joy into a tie-dyed movement of bliss and renew your out-look on what fun and life is all about.



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After 5K of color whirlwinds, too many laughs to count and so many memories we promise that your day will shine. But most importantly your bleak outlook will definitely turn into a flood of colors like a spring wildflower meadow.


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