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About Zombies by COlordash 5k


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Get Ready, Get Set, ZOMMMMBBIIESSS!!! The Color Dash that has brought you the most exciting and colorful 5ks in the world is ready to get a little thrilling with Zombies by Color Dash, coming to a town near you… Are you feeling a little scared? Well you should, because we’re taking our Dash to the next level – the un-dead.

Color Dash: Zombies is a 6k (you heard us right, 6 Kilometers of awesome) but rather than dashing to GET colorful, this time we are taking it another route and you want to stay UN-Colorful, because if you get too much color you will join our posse of the UN-Dead!!

As usual, you will start the dash with a very clean, very white, very vibrant and full of life white T-Shirt that we are oh, so known for – we will throw in some running, some walking, some sprinting, and oh yeah, some ZOMBIES and you won’t know whether to laugh or scream as you trek through this course trying to make it out ‘alivvveeeeee’.

So let’s let this color move you extra fast and extra smart as you dodge and duck through our course avoiding the extra awesome bunch of Color Dash Zombies just waiting to color you up!

There will be obstacles, there will be prizes, there will be scavenging, and there will be crazy memories made as you begin this journey of awesome, now, have we sparked your interest? Allow us to elaborate…

We will warn you that even though you start out clean as a fresh, brand-new, NON colorful, bright as day of the living dashers, sadly for most, it will not last for long. As the DASH continues you will not only be moving from zone to zone avoiding ‘walkers’, ‘runners’ and then ‘sprinters’, only to find yourself one last final obstacle before the FINISH LINE, which we like to call Apocalypse road. This is where you will be avoiding the wreckage that only a colorful zombie apocalypse can bring – Color Dash Style.

Along the 6k’s of fun and thrills you will be able to find gifts that we have hidden throughout the course that can help you ‘stun’ a zombie or redeem for a prize at the end of the Dash – assuming you don’t become a zombie yourself. Mwwahahahaha!!

If you have the misfortune of being tagged by a Zombie you will have a handful of color to brand you – but we will be nice and let you keep going. It’s not until the THIRD time being caught by the colorful un-dead that you no longer can continue as the living and must complete the course as a color dash zombie too. If you are holding any of our goodies when you get ‘tagged’ you must drop whatever you have and leave it for the next lucky dasher to retrieve. If you have a hidden ‘token’ and you have completed the course ALIVE you can cash it in for some pretty stellar prizes. Sound intriguing? Well, let’s just say those tokens are some major incentive to stay clean and living all 6 kilometers.

After the Dash we will have a live Thriller Dance (so learn it buck-o) because this will be a show, followed by costume contests, dance-offs and of course our COLOR EXPLOSION!! So much fun, that by any standards, this is the Dash you will crave – mmmMMmmm…Color Dash: Zombies is one party you do NOT want to miss.


The Color Dash is a for-profit Company that feels strongly about making an impact and we believe that by yelling from the mountains with 1 small voice, you can truly be heard and truly impact people's lives. We are the ONLY National Colored-5k that gives 50% of every registration directly back to our partner charity in each Community and City that we visit. We are basically a bright, colorful and ridiculously amazing FUNdraiser! We want to come into your Community, have fun with you, brighten up your day or your night with you, and then leave the Community better than it was. Let's change the World, one community, one footprint at a time.



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Zombies by ColorDash is coming to an area near you with a hurricane of color that will even turn your tears of joy into a tie-dyed movement of bliss and renew your out-look on what fun and life is all about.



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After 5K of color whirlwinds, too many laughs to count and so many memories we promise that your day will shine. But most importantly your bleak outlook will definitely turn into a flood of colors like a spring wildflower meadow.


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